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Through the years Audi have changed their image from semi-hip to gloating elegance. The old advertising photos in today’s post are significantly more pleasing than Audi’s current advertising full of technology and white cloaks, purely targeting customers in cheap suits striving to appear sophisticated. Come on Audi – wake up!!!  New slogan:

Vorsprung durch Fräuleins.

3 Responses

  1. Tony Wawryk

    Love these photos, especially the lead one! Sadly, such glamorous advertising would be deemed unsuitable today – seems it’s all about mythical lifestyles these days. Also a big fan of this generation of Audis, especially the stylish Coupe, which is a very under-rated car imo. Reminds me quite a bit of the equally stylish – but more expensive, for obvious reasons, Fiat Dino. But even the saloons look good to my eyes. One of my uncles in Germany ran a number of the models pictured – he drove the Four Rings for decades, including back when they were on DKW/Auto-Unions, and I have also run a few more modern Audis – the 5-cylinder GT Coupe, as well as more practical Avants and an A4 Cabrio.

  2. Tony Wawryk

    Further to the Audi 100S Coupe – maybe it’s not as under-rated as I thought – only 3 available on, none on carandclassic, and the prices are not cheap – a very nice looking one for EUR 32,800, and a really lovely manual for no less than EUR 54,200!

  3. Anders Bilidt

    Like both Søren and Tony, I too rather dislike the current crop of Audi’s, but actually find the early cars both good looking and charming.

    Tony, the 100S Coupé is no doubt the one to have. Like you said, there’s more than a hint of Fiat Dino, but I’ve also always thought it echoed an Aston Martin DBS quite nicely – even if that’s obviously only skin-deep. Not too sure about the price on the one you found in Germany though – seems rather excessive, even if it is low-mileage, 2-owner and perfectly preserved…

    For me though, it would have to be a first generation four-door Audi 100GL. I know many would probably just dismiss it as yet another three-box FWD family saloon, but my grandfather owned one for many, many years, so I have my sentimental reasons. His was a ’73 100GL in red, with the quad round headlamps and a factory installed black vinyl roof. He bought it brand new, and it was immediately one of the cars that got noticed in the small town in which they lived in Denmark. He kept it meticulously right up until he sold it around ’92. As we at the time lived abroad, I have many fond memories of us borrowing granddad’s Audi 100GL every summer holiday when we visited family in Denmark. That black deep velour rear seat was a hugely comfortable place to watch the Danish scenery fly by…


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