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About ViaRETRO

ViaRETRO – the classic venue on the web

ViaRETRO was born on December 28, 2012. However, the story starts well before that, as Søren Navntoft and Claus Ebberfeld have both been blogging about every aspect of classic cars from even before it became fashionable. ViaRETRO is the resulting merger of the weblogs and, both of which despite the .com addresses were only published in Danish. Right from the start ViaRETRO therefore contained well over a thousand articles – in Danish, that is.

However, ever since the initial conception, ViaRETRO also featured an English version, including selected articles from the Danish section and expanding with unique content on a regular basis. Then in August 2017, close friend of ViaRETRO, Anders Bilidt, got involved working purely on the English site, in order to expand the content with more frequent articles than previous. And what is it all about? Quite simple;

ViaRETRO is first and foremost about the joy of classic cars: The rare, beautiful and exotic – and the obscure, the famous and quirky, and of course everyday cars from a bygone era. “Everything was better in the old days – except the Internet,” as Ebberfeld so beautifully puts it. And that is why ViaRETRO is also about everything else. Minimalism and decadence, childlike enthusiasm and tons of nerdtastic stuff, the love of beautiful shapes and forms, fine art and lifestyle, culture, transport and combustion engines, on ferries and bridges and roads. Mostly from before the tape recorder came along and ruined everything.

ViaRETRO aims to:

  1.    Broaden the knowledge of Classic Cars.
    2.    Communicate Danish, Scandinavian and International automotive history.
    3.    To cover classic car events, including historic motorsport events at home and abroad.
    4.    To provide a classic car enthusiast meeting place on the Internet.
    5.    Organize rallies, meetings and events.

ViaRETRO is owned and maintained by Søren Navntoft, Claus Ebberfeld, Jesper Tae Jensen & Anders Bilidt.
Copenhagen, Aarhus, Glossop and the Internet.

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