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I don’t often get overly concerned about fashion and what people think of how I dress. But right now, possibly for the first time on my life, I feel pressure and genuine concern as to whether I might be about to commit a fashion faux pas!

So how have I come to this point in my life you might ask. Well, purely because I’m so damned lucky that I’ll be spending this coming weekend at the Goodwood Revival. Furthermore, it’s sort of my first time there. Technically it’s not really, as I managed an impromptu visit for a few hours of pure bliss at the Friday practice back in 2011. It was a delicious taster, but it doesn’t really count as a full and proper visit. Therefore, this feels like my first visit to the famed Revival. As such, the sense of anticipation is immense, and I think that’s lead to my current state of concern.

I’m of course aware that not every single spectator at the Revival goes all-out with their outfit. However, the Goodwood fashion is nonetheless an integral part of everything that the Revival has become. I am not about to be that guy who let fashion slip! I’m intent on doing my part. But there’s such a broad selection of styles to choose from. The naughty 40’s, via the fabulous 50’s to the swinging 60’s. It appears that wartime uniforms are quite popular too. So which to choose?

Thankfully I’ve consulted my dear wife, who’s no doubt tuned in to fashion a whole lot more than I will ever be. She wisely pointed out that the decision was obvious. Seeing as we’re arriving in an early 70’s BMW 2002, our outfit will needless to say have to follow suit. Together we’ve done our homework and studied early 70’s fashion. WOW! The amount of burnt orange and brown is just stunning.

A couple of visits to select vintage shops, and we’re now all stocked up on bell-bottoms, huge collars, groovy 70’s dresses, plateau platforms and oversized sunglasses. But will it suffice? Will we add to the atmosphere, and manage to be as fashionable as the fashionable? I am genuinely concerned…

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  1. Dave Hind

    A fantastic event which uplifts you and takes you back in time to the glory days of a motor sport era where both grit and determination and elegance went hand in hand .

  2. Claus Ebberfeld

    I understand you, Anders – but be careful with the Seventies as the cutoff-year inside the Revival is officially 1966: You run the risk of being the only hippie there and you know hippies work best in herds.

    I’d personally go for a late-Sixties look which would also supplement your 2002 fine. I am pretty sure the early brochures featured a gentleman in suit and tie and driving gloves. Most people would not notice the fine difference between the late Sixties/early Seventies anyway.

    On the other hand you should not make the mistake of dressing for too old a period. It is not uncommon amongst Goodwood-goers to dress more suitable for a velocipede than for a car!

  3. Anders Bilidt

    Claus, I hear you. However considering that we leave for Goodwood tomorrow, I believe we are committed to our outfits at this point. We’re not doing the hippie look though – sticking with the Scandinavian Flick, I would rather suggest you imagine the very earliest of ABBA looks. Sure it’s a smidgen after ’66, but I hope it’ll be fine none the less…

    Paul, don’t you worry – details have been considered right down to period earrings for my wife and a correct camera bag for me.

    Dave, that was indeed a very different era from the current motorsport era. I know which one I prefer… :-)

  4. Dave Leadbetter

    What a charmingly illustrated article. I do approve. Here’s hoping you remembered to pack a period umbrella though…


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