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Prime Find of the Week: Revival Entry Ticket – from Sweden

On this particular weekend, probably more than at any other time of the year, there’s a whole heap of dreamy eyed classic car enthusiasts whose greatest wish in life would be to participate at next year’s Goodwood Revival. And no, I don’t mean as a spectator. They want to be in the midst of the action!

But how does one achieve that? After all, a Goodwood eligible E-type Lightweight, AC Cobra or Ferrari 250 of any kind, rarely sell for pocket money. Luckily though, there are cheaper ways of living out that dream. Now let’s be clear – I said “cheaper”, not “cheap”. Participating at Goodwood is always going to be a bit of a rich man’s game, but the good news is, you don’t have to be filthy rich. You could probably buy a fully prepared and eligible Austin A35 or A40 for somewhere between £ 30 – 40,000. Granted, that’s still out of my budget, but it does none the less seem like something that might one day be just about achievable, if one were to truly prioritize this dream over just about everything else.

But while this Swedish Revival candidate is dearer still, I simply think you get a whole lot more bang-for-your-buck here. Paying up towards £ 40,000 for a tiny A35 does seem rather heavy doesn’t it? Arguably, once you’re into those kind of figures anyway, there really isn’t that far to the £ 55,000 asking price for this very cool Volvo PV544. It does seem a lot more substantial than those diminutive Austins, and while there is always a healthy scattering of small A35’s and A40’s at most British Historic Motorsport events, a fully-prepped PV544 is indeed a much rarer bird.

What’s more, this PV544 has a hugely interesting background, as it’s got period race history as a hillclimb racer in Pennsylvania, USA. It was apparently campaigned with quite some success too, and is now being sold with memorabilia from its early racing career. In 2007 it was imported into the UK and recommissioned as a historic touring car. Also here is it claimed to be quite competitive, and at Goodwood Revival 2008 the PV544 even achieved an overall third in the St. Mary’s Trophy.

Period racing memorabilia from its early life in the USA

So if racing at the Goodwood Revival is something you simply must achieve, then follow this link to the selling dealer:

Or find the Volvo on Race Cars Direct where the dealer has included his asking price:



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