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In 1976 James Hunt became world champion in Formula One while driving for McLaren. Today he is very often remembered for his lifestyle. Can these two things be separated?

No. Without his flamboyant lifestyle, James Hunt would have been just another skilled driver who through talent, luck and the right timing reached the pinnacle of motor racing, the Formula One world champion title. As it was, he did indeed have a lot more to offer – especially to women – and this surely adds a lot of spice to the cold numbers and statistics:

92 starts in Formula 1
10 wins
23 podium placements
14 pole positions
8 fastest laps
179 points in total

The above numbers are James Hunt. The gallery below is too. No one personified the playboy racing driver quite like James Hunt. This of course made him a legend. These two sides are naturally supplementary, and even with his exuberant enjoyment of life, he would hardly be as well known today, if he had been only runner-up in 1976.

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