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There is something comical about the almost unnaturally small cars that early on were categorized as Micro Cars. The term is also used by some of the smallest cars on the market today, but the modern micro cars are much bigger and real than the original.

Micro cars came into the world – as most other inventions – as a demand of need. They are a child of their time and express national spirit. When World War II ended in 1945, Europe was in ruins and a shell shock population faced unimaginable destruction. As the apparent task of cleaning up the rubble was not enough, there was a crippling shortages of food, raw materials, electricity and fuel.

Amazingly, the continent was rebuilt over a period of 10 years. People found strength and with a determination that is almost unimaginable today, thay where able to mobilize the themselves in this hopeless situation.

Many skilled engineers and many from the early aviation industry, set out to solve people’s transport problems under the adverse conditions. It is well known that true genius is revealed under great pressure. Focusing on talent and determination resulted in a huge variety of small vehicles. Some successful, others less so – but all interesting.

Micro car symbolizes this effort and the often silly and bizarre designs encapsulates strictly necessary needs, rather than the dream of fortune and freedom. The Micro car’s time was short, only a period of 10 years. Then their part in history was over and the “real” cars could take over the stage again.

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