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Visual Sunday : Not the Usual Kind of Marlin that gets Washed Ashore…

We’re sure he was glad he got up early for that morning run.

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  1. yrhmblhst

    These were actually kinda neat cars… AMC really blew it tho – the ‘original’ fastback ‘prototype’ was called the Tarpon and was based on the next chassis size down. It was a really nice looking car – better proportioned – and would have beat the Barracuda and Mustang to market. Dont know how well it would have sold what with the stigma of being a ‘Rambler’ , but it was a good looking car and woulda scooted too with the lighter body and any engine from the 290 on up…
    Woulda coulda shoulda.

  2. Zack Stiling

    I had to look up the Tarpon but I’m not sure if I’d agree with it being better proportioned it needs a longer bonnet or a shorter roofline. The Marlin works for me, though. The huge scallop is one of the nicest rear pillar/side window designs I can think of.

  3. yrhmblhst

    Agreed that the snoot should be longer on the Tarpon; however, the blunt front of the Marlin is just too mismatched to the rear imnsho. Theyre neat cars – went to church with a guy that bought a turquoise one new in 67 [as I remember] and a fellow i worked with had one in the 80s. Like em. But had AMC introduced the Tarpon, not only would it have been the first of the as-of-that-time-unnamed-segment, but should have sold much better given that it WAS on the smaller chassis and more along the lines of the Mustang and the Barracuda. “Coulda been a contender…” But then so too could have the fastback Chevy II…


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