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Visual Sunday: Late Fifties Scandinavia

The lines, the colours, the harmony and the general atmosphere – even when loading a crate of goods, it just doesn’t get any more charming than this…

2 Responses

  1. Flemming Nielsen

    Late seventies?
    – more like late fifties
    the car in commercial use, the clothing and not to mention the plane:
    LN-KLD registration for a Convair CV-440-75 delivered to SAS april 16th 1956

  2. Anders Bilidt

    Ehrmm… clearly we were just testing the attention span of our devoted readers. And @Flemming Nielsen, you won!!
    After five days, you were the first to notice that both the Volvo and not least the Convair are of course both deeply rooted in the fifties – not the seventies as the headline claimed. And with that, the headline has now been changed to read as we had originally intended it to… ;-)


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