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Visual Sunday: Fully Commited

Group 4 in the early eighties and an Opel Ascona 400 driven at 10/10ths. Was this – the very pinnacle of RWD rallying – perhaps the most entertaining a visually dramatic era rallying has ever seen?

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  1. Claus Ebberfeld

    That’s a good question, actually: I really love the graceful powerslides a well driven RWD rally car is capable of, but thinking of what followed I must admit I prefer the Group B-era of power and traction overload. It doesn’t provide the poetic beauty of a long and ( comparatively) slow slide, but I am fascinated by the brutality, danger and drama instead.

  2. Anders Bilidt

    @Claus, I’ve always admired the Group B era for the insane levels of power, traction and outright performance that was achieved. Mind-numbing really…
    Yet, while it’s probably just me being stubbornly old-fashioned, I’ve still always vastly preferred the Group 4 era. That was proper rallying! RWD, Scandinavian flicks and a deliciously gritty “let’s just get the job done” atmosphere. Also, you could still relate to the cars during this time. And on that subject, the Ascona 400 with Röhrl behind the wheel was always one of my very favourites…


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