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Car production has given us many complete idiotic designs over the years, which have been a great annoyance to car owners. When you consider HOW many hours spent in developing a car, some of these errors may still wonder.

Useless standard tools, soaring workshop prices for changing brake pads on a 2CV and burnt ladies hands are among the examples of car manufacturers’ silly mistakes in the 1978 German video which you can see below.

Personally, I am most amused by the example of the life-threatening first aid kit, but the whirlwind in the Opel Manta’s ashtray can withstand a “rewatch”.

When I look at my own cars, I would like to highlight the way you activate the wiper blades in an Alfa Romeo GTV (Bertone) as utterly insane. On the center console sits a rocker switch with two positions which tells the extremely inefficient wipers that they can begin their work of removing water on the windscreen. The switch allows for two speeds; slow and very slow. The position of the contact means that you have to remove the hand constantly from the steering wheel if only a little rain falls and you only want the wipers’ service for shorter moments. A stalk switch in the steering wheel had been very preferable – thank you.

My Citroen DS has two handles to open the bonnet, one in the driver’s side, as usual, but also one in the far right of the passenger side – and both MUST be used. Either you have to ally yourself with the passenger, or you almost have to lie outstretched across the car to open the bonnet. Although the French car contains many sensible and sometimes ingenious solutions, this is absolutely unnecessary.

I’m sure you have similar examples?

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  1. Andre

    Great video compilation, like the old issues though new cars are not much better but often the bug is more hidden in the details of the SatNav or else.
    Have the very Alfa wiper switch in my 70 Spider, redicoulus crap :-)


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