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Visual Sunday: Mitsubishi finding their Feet

The old and quirky Mitsubishi was certainly hugely preferable to the current bland and boring Mitsubishi…

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  1. Anders Bilidt

    Absolutely adore these early Fastback Colts. Such a quirky yet also oddly elegant design. Just look at those two crease lines narrowing in as they approach the round rear lights – pure T-bird…
    But in stark contrast to the T-bird, those early Colt 800’s came with two-stroke engines. Of course, by the time the 1000F was introduced, there was a conventional 4-stroke under the bonnet. Regardless, I think they’re amazingly cool…

    On an aside, check out the aircraft in the background – the Mitsubishi MU-2. For a car manufacturer just finding its feet, producing a pressurised, turbo-prop aircraft with perfomance matching small jet aircraft of the era was pretty spectacular.


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