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Le Mans Today and Fifty Years Ago

This year’s legendary 24h Le Mans has just come to a conclusion with Toyota taking its second victory in a row. Looking back fifty years to 1969, Ford took their fourth consecutive victory with the GT40. Given two more years, will Toyota match Ford’s performance? And if so, will their endurance TS050 hybrid racers ever achieve the same iconic status as that of the glorious GT40?

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  1. Tony Wawryk

    I watched some of this year’s race over the weekend – while it’s still a thrill to watch cars that look like Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Corvette’s and Aston Martin’s dicing around le Sarthe, the prototypes are uniformly ugly as sin and could have any badge on them, it wouldn’t matter – so no, I doubt very much that any LMP-class car will ever achieve any kind of iconic status no matter how many they win.

  2. yrhmblhst

    answer – no, no, and who gives a flying…fred flintstone anymore? As the esteemed Mr Wawryk noted, the new cars are indeed ugly as sin as well as being as characterless as a pan of day old dishwater. Just like the machine’s steerers. And the mostly androgynous courses they circulate.


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