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This past weekend saw the 77th Members’ Meeting held at the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

The Members’ Meetings are fascinating events as not only do they travel back in time in terms of motorsport and the fabulous historic race cars which are driven with real gusto on the legendary Goodwood Circuit, but the Members’ Meetings arguably also travel back in time in terms of Goodwood’s own Goodwood Revival meetings. There is no arguing that the Revival is an entirely amazing weekend, but if one were to criticise, the Revival has perhaps become a victim of its own success. Unlike the first Revivals held, the current affair is flooded with spectators and as a result they have also become somewhat commercialised. With the Members’ Meetings, Goodwood is addressing that by only selling a limited number of tickets to the public and thereby maintaining a crucial element of that charming grassroot atmosphere.

Unfortunately and much to our dismay, none of our usual ViaRETRO team was able to make it to Goodwood for the 77th Members’ Meeting. Luckily for you though, longterm friend of ViaRETRO, Dominic Temple, was there making the most of the weekend and he has kindly sent us his pictures as he strolled through the paddocks. Enjoy…

All pictures courtesy of Dominic Temple.


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  1. Tony Wawryk

    Oh my…I HAVE to go to this next year! Wonderful pictures of fabulous cars – Porsche 904, 906 and 917 – in pairs! Bizzarini’s – in yellow and red! Multiple Mercedes 300SL’s, and so much more – yet not many people; perfect! I have to agree that much as I have enjoyed my visits to the Revival meeting, it – like the Festival of Speed – has just become too big, too busy, and increasingly hard to enjoy. This though looks much more relaxed – thanks to Dominic for the photos.

  2. yrhmblhst

    HOLY MOLY! … weellll….there goes getting anything done this morning…


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