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Visual Sunday: The Fabulous Alfasud Range

With crisp styling, excellent handling characteristics and enough space for the family, just imagine what the brilliant Alfasud range could have achieved, had they just used proper quality steel to build it rather than the cheap Russian steel they opted for in the end…

4 Responses

  1. Paul Hill

    Some do survive. 99.9% haven’t. I’d encourage anyone who has petrol flowing through their veins to hunt one down and test drive. Such a fun car to drive with a great exhaust note. Sublime handling. Full of character and charm the Alfasud seduced me years ago. For a long time it was not really excepted into the Alfa enthusiasts circle. Seen as a bit of an outcast which only made me love it more. Us Brits love an underdog. A proper Italian car. Why I hear you ask? Because you can flash your lights at someone and sound the horn at the same time all with one hand.

  2. Tony Wawryk

    Love your yellow Sud, Paul! If I had to choose one car from the range, though, it’s be the Sprint – super-looking little coupé.

  3. Anders Bilidt

    Whoooaar… now that’s impressive! Two comments to the Alfasud range, and not once was the word “rust” included. :-D

    Truth be told, I too adore the little Alfasud range, and always have. Some twenty-odd years ago, I worked for a small garage that used an old Sprint 1.7QV as the workshop car. It was a little tired with a worn out cabin and heavily faded red paint, but it was also an absolute hoot to drive! I’ve wanted one ever since…

    @paul-hill, that little yellow Sud of yours is just sweet as a peach!

  4. Michael

    Amazing cars, would love to find a good one or a reasonable restoration project. Image of one I used to own back in the 80’s, loved everything about it, some great memories.


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