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Let’s be honest, among car enthusiasts, towing a caravan has hardly got the best of images. Here in Denmark, it’s often put in the same category as driving a tired old Opel. But stop and have a look here, just how inviting camping life can be.

Or at least it could be back in the seventies if we are to believe this brochure from Komfort. I too was raised in a camping-family during the seventies, yet I don’t recall having ever encountered a Komfort quite like this one – let alone a Komfort with such two lady inhabitants quite so keen on displaying the many advantages of the Komfort; and their own for that matter.

The brochure is from 1970 and really makes me wish that timetravel and camping could somehow be combined through our modern technology.

Of course, me never encountering such a Komfort might have something to do with the manufacturer – despite their very European-sounding name, Dutchman – being American. I don’t suppose many would have travelled quite that far with their caravan – not even the Americans. To be honest, with those two lovely ladies in mind, I’m not too sure I would have been doing much driving at all. Rarely have I seen any other brochure portraying nearly as suggestive undertones to the easily influenced consumer.

A cup of coffee? Yes thank you. But what precisely is the sweet brunette offering us?

Apropos tones, that’s another aspect of the seventies which I truly value: the tones and the scale of colours used in the Komfort are virtually the very definition of the seventies. Of course, as always there’s a little bit of that depth to the velvet and skin colour which has been lost in translation as those Kodachrome slides were digitalised. Even so, you can still sense the rich and warm seventies colours.

Rather inviting, isn’t sheuhmm… it?

There’s naturally no denying that the two ladies have lead roles in the brochure – even more so than does the caravan itself. They’re perfectly casted as well with a blonde and a brunette. And please don’t start the monotone 21stcentury equal-rights speech: It’s clear to see that the brunette is responsible for the caravan’s gas cylinders; a highly important role which could potentially be a matter of life or death. But I have faith in her. I’m sure she will manage perfectly well. Just like the brochure clearly demonstrates all the other pleasantries of seventies camping life which the two ladies have at their disposal. They can bake you a fresh loaf of bread if the local bakery isn’t up to standards – and it’ll be done wearing a disco dress which even ABBA would have been proud of. Or how about set dinner in your Komfort with local red vine which has been suitably decanted? There are also full shower facilities to be enjoyed with lipgloss, mascara and hairdo all in place. Then there’s that comfortable sofa and the vast bed… for dessert. I imagine the neighbours might complain about the noise next morning.

Let them complain all they want. I certainly have nothing to complain about, as thisis the camping life I want. Back home in the US of A, the Komfort would probably have been towed by a full-size Buick, but here in Europe I would probably strap it to the back of a ’67 Opel Diplomat Coupé. Then I would set out to explore holiday life together with my wife and the secretary. After that, I might require a quiet holiday on my own…


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  1. Anders Bilidt

    I’m wondering what the stakes are in that poker game which the brunette wants to play with us? ;-)
    Mmmmm… bring on that seventies camping!!

  2. Tony Wawryk

    Camping schlamping – the prospect of lugging a caravan or trailer around from site to site, holding up traffic en route, has never appealed; give me a decent hotel any day of the week! That brochure is hilarious though…

  3. yrhmblhst

    Camping – like everything else – was more ‘sassy’ – less PC – and more fun in the 70s!
    Can probably live w/o the ‘earth tones’ in perpetuity tho…

  4. Claus Ebberfeld

    @tony-wawryk , I’d say the brochure kind of suggests that this is not really about the driving, the relaxing, the nature or anything like that: I am pretty sure I’d be completely exhausted after a week of camping with those two in close Komfort!

  5. Andrew Boggis

    Hmmh! I thought having a caravan was linked to be able to take a big stock of potatoes on holiday and to provide exciting motoring for those who wish to try to go faster.

    I had never quite understood why our Dutch neighbours are so keen on these machines, but I’m starting to catch on! Very saucy oufits!

    I’m more of a tent camper (and sleep more deeply than at home in a tent!). I’ll have to look out for a 70’s tent, preferably in Verstappen orange and Matra blue.

  6. Claus Ebberfeld

    I am glad to present old news that can be of benefit and inspiration in today’s world, @andrew : And as a driver of British roadsters for many years I fully understand the charm of the tent as well.

    My own compromise was the below Combi-Camp 2000, the perfect mix between tent and camper:

  7. Anders Bilidt

    Quote: “Verstappen orange and Matra blue” – that has simply got to be the perfect colour combo for any tent! I’m sure the lovely ladies in this Komfort caravan advert would see the allure of such a tent as well… ;-)


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