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Northern Europe has been spoilt with a stunning summer this year – unless of course you happen to be a farmer – but we’re now in mid November and it’s undeniably all over. Winter is coming! But enjoying your classic car out on your favourite backroads doesn’t have to be over quite yet…

Much as I appreciate warm and sunny summer days with bright evenings which seem to go on forever, my very favourite time of year for driving my classic has to be during autumn. Those autumn colours are just astonishing with warm shades of amber, ochre, tangerine and burnt red splashed across my favourite landscapes as if Van Gogh himself had been let loose in a frenzy with his oil paint. The low set sun shining its last rays through the branches which are desperately hanging on to a few patches of green is the perfect finishing touch.

Just last Friday I grabbed the opportunity. A quick check of all fluids on NullZwei, slipped on my favourite old driving gloves, choke three quarters out and the usual three dabs of the throttle. Then a light twist of the key and the trusty old M10 engine immediately sprang into life. The wooden gear knob helped me slot it into first gear and off we went. No destination. No time schedule. No planned route. Just pure quality driving time. Me, classic car and that fabulous sea of earth colours.

There was a light drizzle falling on the windshield for the majority of the drive. Didn’t bother me the slightest though. Was I about to miss out on all of this just because of a bit of rain. Not a chance! The twisty backroads of the Peak District were largely deserted – not like during the summer when every Joe and his dog seemed to be out here. No cyclists either. Mmmmm, pure bliss. It’s like NullZwei practically knew the way and guided me along the Snake Pass, past the reservoirs and then hooked a left up towards Strines Inn. One of my very favourite roads. Constantly twisty and undulating with proper hairpins, lovely cambers and plenty of topographical variations to keep things interesting, as it works its way through forrest areas, along old drystone walls and over narrow stone bridges.

I could wax on lyrically about every bend and every hilltop crest we left behind us. But there’s no need to. I’m sure all of our ViaRETRO readers already know perfectly well what I’m talking about. It’s a truly magical feeling. One of total inner calmness and relaxation. Besides, the pictures from last Friday no doubt tell the story much better than I can…

Don’t let yourself fall into that winter depression just yet! You don’t need twenty plus degrees and a sun beating down on you. Hurry – grab the keys for your classic car and your driving gloves, and get out there and get lost in that beautiful myriad of autumn colours…


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  1. Claus Ebberfeld

    I couldn’t agree more, Anders: Had a magnificent weekend in Sweden in the Jaguar and hope the mild autumn will continue – would like a last blast in the Alpine as well…

  2. Tony Wawryk

    Great photos, Anders, really capturing the colours of an Autumn drive. It’s been many years since I drove along the Snake Pass…spectacular!

  3. Anders Bilidt

    @claus-ebberfeld, looks like you’ve been out having a blast in the autumn colours as well… :-)

    @tony-wawryk, you should come up north some day and join me for a drive!

    @yrhmblhst, do you get autumn colours to play in where you are?

  4. Paul Wilson

    Great reading Anders the sun is supposed to be shining tomorrow ? so will be taking the 02 out for a blast over the Lancashire moors
    Keep up the good work buddy

  5. YrHmblHst

    @AndersBilidt – yessir, we get colour round this neck of the woods; how much depends largely on how wet or dry the summer was. Had a mild and reasonably damp summer, so we are actually seeing some different hues on the trees this fall. Most of the time, we have green and leafy trees one day, a little colour the next, followed by brown another day and bare withing 48 hours, but this year hasnt been bad.
    I normally tell people ‘we have lovely weather around here…6 days a year. 3 nice days in the spring and 3 in the fall. Otherwise, its hotter than the hubs of hades or colder than a mother-in-laws welcome to a new son in law…’ [and btw – its colder than hell today. :( ]

  6. Anders Bilidt

    @paul-wilson, I wish I could join you, but currently I’m stuck in a hotel room in Montreal. Enjoy the backroads of Lancashire Moors… ;-)

    @yrhmblhst, better make the most of those 6 days then!!


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