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Visual Sunday: The Future Saloon Anno 1967

With its innovative 113hp twin-rotor Wankel engine and sharp Claus Luthe design, the RO80 was the very definition of the future when NSU introduced it to the world in 1967. In hindsight, was that a naive vision?

2 Responses

  1. Tony Wawryk

    A fabulous car, though it did of course suffer mechanical issues and was thirsty – but just look at it! Still looks modern today.

  2. Anders Bilidt

    I couldn’t agree more @tony-wawryk.
    When the day comes where Claus and I decide to sell our 1st gen. RX-7, I could easily see myself opting for a RO80 to replace it, and thereby keeping a Wankel in the garage… ;-)


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