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Prime Find of the Week: 1972 Ginetta G15

Because I love it! It’s as simple as that.

Being an owner of a Reliant Scimitar GTE (my fourth) which I consider a keeper, it should be obvious that I have a penchant for British GRP. French as well, but that’s another story. On the British side I could point to the obvious Lotus (any of them), the not-quite-so-obvious TVR (again: Love them all) or even the exact opposite of obvious, the Rochdale Olympic of our International Editor.

An old favourite of mine: “Luxury Sports Coupé” might be stretching it a bit.

One of my all-time favourites always was the Ginetta G15 – and it still is. This might stem out of an age-old fascination for efficiency, in which discipline the G15 scores very highly: There aren’t many true sports cars out there thriving on only 875 ccm or interpreting 998 ccm as “the big block”. Enthusiasts might recognize the engine sizes from the Imp, and so it is: The driveline and rear suspension comes from Rootes’ little Mini-rival, but has even less weight to push in the G15. Front suspension was from the Triumph Herald and engineeringwise it all blended together brilliantly.

I always found the same could be said of the bodywork: Really functional, purposeful but also with a certain cheeky elegance not leaving anyone in doubt that this is a proper sports car. It goes without saying that a G15 is a tiny car, but sat in the cockpit even tall drivers can get comfortable – not that I care as I am not tall anyway.

Sure, this is a Prime Find not least for myself: It would be the perfect antidote to the Jaguar XJ12 and leave me with enough of a sports car even when the Alpine A310 one day departs my garage! But it would also be a welcome alternative to the much more common steel sports cars of more bulk and size, needing 1300 or larger to achieve what the G15 does. Or maybe no one needs an excuse to buy a G15, because it’s obviously just a terrific little fireball!

I always wanted one and this one seems terribly tempting – here’s what the seller said as he put it up in the Hillman Imp Group:

This a very usable road car which i use weekly during the summer and for the occasional historic navigation rally. It is a 1972 Series4 G15 Chassis No. 600. Its is tax and MOT exempt. It had a full rebuild about 4 years ago. The chassis was cleaned, repaired, strengthened and repainted. The body was taken back to gel coat with professionally done repairs and a full respray in period Porsche Signal Yellow Paint. The car has a 875cc sport engine rebuilt by Mark Maynard and a gearbox rebuilt by Corley Conversions. It has weber 28/36 dcd carb on mangoletsi manifold which was rebuilt by Gower and Lee and set up by Maynard on his rolling road. It has the thicker rear drive shafts with the popular BMW donut conversion. It has protech shocks all round. It has a few subtle mod’s to make it more usable including electronic ignition, electronic speedo, uprated heater and subtle headrests on the original seats which were rebuilt with steel backs to replace the old fiberglass items. Any more questions then PM me. The car can be viewed in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I am advertising it here first as i want it to go to an enthusiastic new owner.

Photos below are of the specific car and it all seems very fine indeed. Only one thing is missing, though – a price. I have contacted the seller but he has not yet indicated what he is aiming for. I sort of hope it is high – in order for me not to jump in. And I sort of hope it is not. Seven or eight years ago I sat in a French one at a race meeting at Nürburgring and felt terribly at home. That I even recall that moment is a sad thing, but there haven’t been that many good G15’s for sale since, and this one might just fit the bill. Please, someone get there before me!

Find the full advert here on Facebook.

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4 Responses

  1. Anders Bilidt

    Claus, how dare you post something like this? What were you thinking? Oh-so tempting…
    I might have sold my beloved little Sunbeam Imp Sport more than ten years ago now, but I still swear that I’m not done with Imps just yet. I will be back for more – someday. The only way I could accept never owning another Imp, would be if I could add a Ginetta G15 to my garage. That has been a dream since… well, probably since a few days after I bought my Imp Sport in 2001.
    And then you go and post this! Phwoooaar… this is going to take some serious self-restraint…
    It’s only because I am committed to my crazy Rochdale Olympic project, that I’ve not already made contact with the seller of this G15. Ehrm… still, if you do get a price from the seller, please do share… ;-)

  2. Dave Leadbetter

    Now that is tempting, and without doubt the best looking fixed-roof model Ginetta have produced so far. There’ll be more Ginetta content coming to these pages soon…


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