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Visual Sunday: Where Will this Summer Take You?

So the ferry docks will most likely look quite different today. But don’t let that stop you from taking your classic in 2018 and travelling like in the old days. Please share with us where you’re going…

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  1. Tony Wawryk

    Aside from the usual shows and events at Silverstone, Kop Hill, Gaydon, Bicester and others, the main trip I have planned for this summer is to take my 02 to the source, Munich. Will be setting off July 7th, overnight stop in Wiesbaden – a city I used to visit frequently when I worked in Frankfurt. Then a round of visits with my extended family in and around Ulm (“In Ulm, um Ulm und um Ulm Herum”), including a micro-meet with two cousins who run a 65 Mustang convertible and a 72 TR6, a day trip down to BMW Group Classic and the BMW Museum, and my return route will take me via the Musee National d’Automobile (formerly the Schlumpf Collection) in Mulhouse, an overnight stay in Chablis, then head home. Around 2,000 miles/ 3200 km in 9 days. The Lemon (as my car is known at home, thanks to it’s coat of Golf Yellow) will get a thorough service beforehand!

  2. Claus Ebberfeld

    Ah, yes, the BMW Museum, @tony-wawryk : I would like to see that as well, but feel I can’t really go there in anything else than a BMW. We’ve talked about going down to the Mercedes-Benz Museum instead…

  3. Anders Bilidt

    If visiting BMW, just remember that the museum at BMW Classic is miles better and more interesting than the original BMW Museum is. The Classic museum is not as flash, as staged or as PR-friendly, but the cars there are much rarer and interesting. At least in my opinion. But actually, they differ sufficiently to justify seeing both.

    Sounds like the basis of an excellent summer roadtrip. I hope you try to stay clear of Autobahns and stick to backroads instead. It makes the whole experience much more authentic and enjoyable.

    My own plans for the summer…?? Heh, I’m not really sure that I have made any yet to be honest. I’m waiting for slightly better weather before I fly back to Denmark to pick up my Green Devil (the hillclimb 02) and drive it to the UK. Hopefully I’ll manage to get that done sooner rather than later. But at present, that’s the only proper roadtrip I have planned for this year. I would love to join Claus at the Le Mans Classic in July, but getting time off work at that time is always tricky for me. I equally considered revisiting the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring this year, as it’s been ages since I last attended. But realistically I might just have to settle for something within the confines of the UK. Maybe a roundtrip of the Coastal 500 in Scotland? I suppose I ought to get my act together and start planning something…

  4. Tony Wawryk

    @claus-ebberfeld I’ve been to the MB Museum twice; it’s spectacular, and if you can, you should do the Porsche one on the same day – one in the morning, one in the afternoon is easily do-able, and both are totally worth your time.

    @anders-bilidt I have to say I really enjoyed the BMW Museum. I’d been to the old one in the inverted dome some years ago, but the “new” one opened in 2008 is a super museum. However, having been there already, it’s my intention to focus on the Classic Museum and if there’s time, maybe pop in to the main one as well.

    I’m really looking forward to the Musee de l’Automobile as well, it’s been an ambition to visit it for some years now.

  5. Claus Ebberfeld

    Sure, @anders-bilidt , I was talking about the BMW Classic as well. And maybe, if a park a long way from the entrance, I can go there in something else than a BMW anyway.

    @tony-wawryk , I visited the Porsche Museum in 2016 and it was indeed a pleasure. I combined it with the Retro Classica exhibition in Stuttgart and therefore did not see the Mercedes-Benz Museum at the time. The Musee de l’Automobile is a safe bet: Soooo many cars that you simply don’t see elsewhere. My visit was ages ago but I recall that I spent the best part of a day there.


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