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Visual Sunday: Is It Possible To Have Too Much Power?

Chevrolet Chevelle SS. “Turbo-Jet”, “Power Dome”, “Cowl Induction”. 396 or 454 cubic inches. 325 – 450 horsepower.
Question of the day: Is it possible to have too much power?

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  1. YrHmblHst

    Oh, btw…just noticed something ; in 1970 – the year of the car pictured – 350s were not available in an SS. The base SS engine was a 325 horse 396 [which was technically a 402 in 70…] up to the grossly underrated 450 hp LS6. Just fyi… :)

  2. Anders Bilidt

    Again your knowledge on American classics clearly outshines ours here on ViaRETRO. Thx for putting us right – the text has duly been corrected.

    Back to the subject of too much power, some will argue that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”…
    All Lotus Elan owners please step forward. ;-)

  3. YrHmblHst

    Normally i dont check back on articles i comment on, but did for some reason on this one after I read about the Alpine… I had an Elan also – wonderful, wonderful little car…when it was fully functional. Mine wasnt as bad as some of the stories you hear, but certainly not as good as my old Chevies. Or Olds. Or Plymouths. Or even Alfa Romeos… but absolutely nothing is like a Lotus dynamically. In a class of their own.
    Just think how great they would be with more power!!! ;)

  4. Anders Bilidt

    There’s a delicacy to the Elan – and several other cars in my opinion – which I feel would be lost with a great big tyre-melting V8 under the bonnet. That said, there’s also something quite special and no doubt entertaining about having a massive excess of power at hand. Two very different approaches to creating a smile-inducing car…

  5. YrHmblHst

    True – a great big tyre melting V8 weighs more than the Elan…and would upset the balance. But that doesnt mean that still more power [without the huge amount of weight over the front] wouldnt be great. :)

    I am NOT for transplanting modern or offbrand engines into Lotus, Lotusses, um, uh, Loti [?] , but IF you had a Coswoth BDR maybe …


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