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Different engine configurations have their own signature soundtracks. If I say V8, you’ll immediately have that typical off-beat US burble resonating in your head. If I say Flat-6, you’ll hear the gruff and aggressive 911 soundtrack. How about a revy small displacement 4-cylinder twincam? They’re all fabulous in their own right. But to me, none is quite as fabulous as a Straight-6.

My old buddy Steen from Copenhagen sent me a video link just the other day. The title of his email was plain and simple: “M30. Sound.” – which for a BMW enthusiast really says it all. He even owns a beautiful BMW 635 CSi, which of course utilises BMW’s big displacement straight-6 engine known as the M30. Needless to say, Steen shares my sentiment when it comes to Straight-6 engines. Especially those of Bavarian origin.

And really, that’s about all the excuse I need to share this awe-inspiring video with you. Obviously, motorsport will only enhance all that is already great about any engines inherent soundtrack. So on that note, crank the volume right up and enjoy the fire-breathing M30 in this 1977 BMW 530i UFO racing car, as it charges through the field of the 75th Member’s Meeting at Goodwood last year.
If you don’t find this soundtrack spine-tinglingly delicious while it makes every single hair on your body stand on end, then frankly my dear friend, you have no soul

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