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Nowadays you get all sorts of radar systems, reversing cameras and beeping sensors to lend a helping hand when executing the dreaded parallel parking maneuver. In some modern cars it’s even advised that you simply keep your hands to yourself, while the car handles the task for you.

There are many jokes about parking assistance – especially in conjunction with females behind the steering wheel. But there has been interest in giving drivers – of either sex naturally – a hand with parking their car ever since the 1950’s.

I must confess that I’m no master of parallel parking myself. Even more so if my classic car doesn’t have power steering. Admitted, there have been instances where I sorely needed a fifth wheel which could have been put into action for a bit of help. Not long ago, I meet another enthusiast who had installed a reversing camera from an accessories shop, which he seemed highly satisfied with. However, I would prefer not going to such extremes. Then rather find a deserted area to practice my parking skills.

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  1. Anders Bilidt

    Yup, pretty clever!
    I wonder whether I should sacrifice a bit of boot space in my wife’s Saab 9-5 estate for one of these ingenious solutions?? ;-)


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