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Of course Santa owns a classic car! After all, he’s a man of good taste. A bit of a connoisseur even. He’s also been around for a fair while, so naturally he has an appreciation for objects of yesteryear. While he’s rather busy during December, he must also have a fair amount of spare time on his hands for the other 11 months of the year, where he surely enjoys tinkering in the garage and leisurely drives in his chosen classic car – recharging his batteries for next years stressful December.

It’s of course a well-known fact that Nicholas has grown very fond of his trusty Volvo 445 Duett, which he bought brand new in the first year of production back in 1953. He has often praised its many attributes publicly. As a workhorse, the Volvo’s practicality and reliability has done him well. However, it’s also quite clear that through their many years spent together, a deeper and emotional bond has evolved. The Volvo’s charm got under his skin many years ago, and the two are clearly – and understandably – inseparable.

But while still unconfirmed, rumours seem to come and go about Nicholas’s love of classic sports cars. While he has never officially confirmed this passion of his, he also hasn’t denied it, and I feel it’s a perfectly sensible notion that with his appreciation of the trusty old 445, a love of more warm-blooded and temperamental sports cars has evolved.

In fact, those in the know quietly suggest, that when Elvis Presley got bored with the stunningly elegant BMW 507, which he bought from BMW in Germany after Hans Stuck Snr. was done racing it, the BMW was in fact taken over by Saint Nick who became the third owner and custodian. Needless to say, Elvis having resprayed the 507 from its original white to red was right up Nicholas’s street, and he’s rumoured to have enjoyed the lovely V8 BMW roadster for a fair few years, before finally having it shipped back to the US, when he felt it was time to try something different.

The BMW however gave Nicholas a taste for sensually sculpted sports cars, as his next toy is believed to have been a FHC Jaguar E-type. This is of course also a largely unconfirmed story, but in the late sixties a young mother supposedly took the grainy picture seen below. She woke very early in the morning on the 25th, having been disrupted by noise coming from their living room. She had looked out their bedroom window, and was intrigued to see this stylish red coupé parked in the distance out in the middle of the snow. She reportedly commented that she had never seen such a dashing automobile before in their little town – hence why she attempted to take the picture on that dark and frosty morning. Shortly after, the noise downstairs had stopped, and when she looked out the bedroom window only a few minutes later, the E-type was gone again. It does make you wonder, doesn’t it?

There have been many other reports of seeing Santa Claus in various classic cars in more recent years, but we’re of course all sensible and grown-up people, and we know perfectly well, that regardless how many staged pictures we see of the Lockness Monster or Big Foot, these fabled creatures obviously don’t actually exist. We at ViaRETRO always endeavour to maintain a strict no-nonsense approach to delivering commendable and serious journalism. As such we don’t entertain any of these clearly staged pictures of Santa waving to us from a red MG TD or some big Yank tank. Nor does a picture of a red early Corvette parked in the snow with a Christmas tree in the passenger seat convince us. Such pictures should obviously be regarded as nothing but a childish hoax, and all they sadly achieve, is to distract from the real truth, that Nicholas’s clearly shares our passion for classic cars.

But as Saint Nick’s North Pole based enterprise has grown and with the financial success that has followed, it would seem that Nicholas recently has found the means to indulge in the best of the best; the legend; the dream. There have been multiple reports from several reputable sources, of him enjoying a fabulous red Ferrari 250 GTO recently. Well, I suppose if one had such liquidity, it would naturally be the way to go! I’m sure none of our ViaRETRO readers could possibly blame him for treating himself to this ultimate classic car experience. However, there has been some confusion among the GTO experts as to which chassis number Nicholas has acquired. All the known GTO’s seem to be accounted for. Then, only a few weeks ago, was it leaked that none other than Pink Floyd drummer and long-term GTO owner, Nick Mason, has apparently succumb to his childhood magical love of Father Christmas, and agreed to let Nicholas in on part ownership of his 250 GTO number 3757GT. Nick and Nick now enjoy dual ownership of the excellent Ferrari legend, which will now – with two enthusiastic and committed owners – no doubt see even more action than its done thus far with Mr. Mason behind the wheel.

Besides Saint Nicks trusty Volvo Duett and his deep passion for classic sports cars of the highest calibre, it is of course also a well-known fact, that Mrs. Claus too has a bit of a soft spot for classic cars – albeit of a rather different disposition than the vicious GTO. She has for many years enjoyed pottering about in her little Moggie 1000 – in red of course. Once she even went on record saying – with a slightly mischievous grin – that she quite enjoyed the Moggie’s rear-wheel drive in the snow, while acknowledging that the limited power of the stock 1.1-litre engine was always going to keep her from over-cocking it and getting into trouble. Isn’t it heart-warming to know that she too understands us…?

While we ponder on the festive season ahead of us, I’m sure you’ll all agree with me, that it’s thoroughly pleasing to know that classic cars are being enjoyed on the north pole as well. Let that be a reminder to us all, that snow shouldn’t be a show-stopper for us to exercise our beloved classics in this dark and cold season. Though I guess they don’t spread much salt on the roads up there on the North Pole, and that is of course really my biggest concern this time of year. Regardless, we at ViaRETRO wish all of our readers – and you too Santa – a festive December and a Merry Christmas!!




Oh and Santa, just in case you are reading this…
‘Italian Coachbuilders’ written by Elvio Deganello looks like an excellent and informative book. Ehrm… hint, hint… I shall ensure to find my biggest stocking this year – I just hope the book will fit? Thanks!







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  1. Dave Leadbetter

    No Mercury Comet, TVR Vixen or Opel Blitz(en). Other reindeer are available…


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