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As a classic car enthusiast, there are heaps of things you can wish for, and it needn’t be whole cars.

Personally, I stopped wishing for complete cars many years ago – as it dawned on me that I was never going to be gifted one anyway. This year I restricted myself to a pair of wellies, as the only thing car-related – and I got them! I hear you asking how wellies can possibly be car-related? Well, I only ever use wellies when I hand-wash my classic cars using the two-bucket method. Unfortunately my old wellies had sprung a leak. With a new set of water-tight wellies, I can really let lose again in the new year.

Tools, something to store them in, or even tips on how to use them are great gift ideas too.

However, in previous years I’ve been known to seek the limits of what family members would entertain as a suitable Christmas gift. An extra long torque wrench was for many years my pinnacle (having bought the short one myself), but that was decisively beaten the year I was given a complete oil-cooler kit. That coincided with a Christmas spent at the in-laws, who had serious doubts about my mental health, when they experienced my childish joy over the raw aluminium cooler, its shiny fittings and not least those long hoses. The year I received four non-winged spinners for my wire wheels (a necessity for the Danish MOT), most certainly also count as one of the better Christmases, and I’m sure there were others which I have since forgotten about.

A complete Lamborghini? Argh, that’s unlikely to happen for many. But maybe the driving gloves? That long-sleeve shirt in the perfect colour? Or maybe just the anti-mist spray for the windows…

How about our readers? Share which car-related Christmas gift has been your best, and try to surpass all other readers. Did someone indeed receive a whole car? Or which car-related gift put the biggest smile on your face – despite no one in your family really understanding why? It’s not too late for inspiration for all of us enthusiasts buying Christmas gifts for ourselves after Christmas…

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  1. Anders Bilidt

    No complete classic cars stuffed under the Christmas tree for me either.

    But my wife and daughters did gift me the ‘UK Circuit Guide’ in book form by It’s quite an amazing compilation of tracks big and small, and not least hillclimb venues too. So I actually think this gift has helped me finally decide upon bringing my Green Devil over to the UK this coming spring, for a season of UK-based hillclimbing… :-)

    Other than that, a cash gift from my grandmother has gone towards a 1:43 scale model BMW 2002ti driven by D. Quester at the 1969 Spa 24h. It’s obviously a vital addition to my already expansive collection of scale model racing 02’s!

    What did all the rest of you get this x-mas? Surely someone out there can beat Claus’s wellies and my book…


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