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On a weekly basis

When a new season starts it’s once again time to re-ignite all the feelings you get in your classic car. There’s the more intangible contributions like old-car-smells, the well-known comfort of your seating position and maybe the awareness of being goggled by the ordinary people you pass.

And quickly you start smiling at the reacquaintance with the thin wooden steering wheel or the dull brake pedal – and then slowly it all comes back to you. Because the season is starting; and when the season starts, it just goes! Suddenly you have to attend all the afterwork meets or weekend garage clubs, and everybody is out of hiding with their cars. I am always caught by surprise by this sudden burst of activity, and I really enjoy it. It’s almost like I don’t deserve it …

It’s almost like we don’t deserve it

It’s almost like we don’t deserve it

So, I took out the camera (no, really it was out already – can’t help it) and recorded some video at the first outings in april. All in order to make this little film that shows my preferred week plan. Providing I can get it all coordinated with work, family life and workshop activity; this is my plan for another action packed Weekly Basis for yours truly.

See you out there.

2 Responses

  1. Holmen

    Great take on a small selection of the venues throughout the week.
    Can’t wait to go …

  2. Per Einarsson

    Yes, Holmen … and I think we saw you with a frown, admiring the yellow Alfa ?!?
    When a car-swinger goes all silent … he’s thinking big time :)


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