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The Ultimostile Experience on ViaRETRO

Today I am introducing something I call “The Ultimostile Experience on viaRETRO. I suppose most of my regular readers are Alfa Romeo drivers; or fans of the 104-years old marque. And I know that my blogging mostly centers around Alfa Romeo.

But the Ultimostile Experience on viaRETRO is for all marques; and it is exactly that: An experience. The idea is to invite you all to take part in what I do. What I am experiencing! It is for all kinds of classic sports cars – owned and used by all kinds of people, who want to experience cool stuff.

It doesn't all have to be red!

It doesn’t all have to be red!

There are already many ways to go out and meet people with your classic car; and I am not trying to compete with Car Clubs, or Concourse Venues or anything like that. I have just taken the testaments seriously – the testament I get from you – the readers, when you write me or come up to me in the paddock down in Nürburg or at a car meeting in Copenhagen. Why shouldn’t we all be able to gather for classic trackdays, scenic sports car trips or stylish relaxation in classic settings.

Most important that all feel part of the experience

Most important that all feel part of the experience

Whenever I go to the Nürburgring with my Giulia GTV or Giulietta SV, I am always one of a very few classic cars. Maybe there is another Alfa Romeo Giulia or a BMW 2002 or an Opel Kadett – and we always attract attention. That’s because people love our old cars. But we have to struggle to keep up with traffic and our old sports cars are dwarfed by even the smallest modern Lotus or BMW. Now, think about it: If a larger contingency of classic sports cars arrive with an Ultimostile experience on viaRETRO, people would first of all LOVE it; but they would also leave us space in the parking areas and they would give us space out on the track. What a spectacle that would be! A true Ultimostile experience!

Best vantage point for an Ultimostile experience?

Best vantage point for an Ultimostile experience?

I know all the places at the Nürburgring; I know a lot of interesting people; I can take you all on guided walks for the best vantage points around the Green Hell. I can arrange instruction; we could even have a video instruction evening at our preferred Gasthaus.

How about that? Would anybody be interested in such an trip. Maybe you will bring your own car – or maybe you would like to sit in as passenger. At least for the journey to-and-from. Or maybe even around the Nordschleife?

Here are some of the testaments I am mentioning:

I’m very appreciative of these videos. Not only are you passionate but you document your passion for us other petrol heads out there… good work and please keep it coming.

Adam Othmann


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