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Merry Christmas from ViaRETRO

Dear readers. The whole team here at ViaRETRO want to thank you for an excellent year, for all your support, and not least for all of your comments – both on the site and on our various public media platforms. In return, on this joyous day, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!

And with it comes this little Christmas present – in the form of a snow-filled picture from back in the day when the world was a better place. The race car is of course a Porsche 917/10 from 1973, the driver is Willy Kauhsen, and the place is the old Nürburgring in the Rheinland of Germany. The picture was supposedly taken during the Easter of 1974, where Dr. Heinemann, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, resigned. Precisely why anyone found it fitting to celebrate this occurrence with a lap through the snow of the Nürburgring is frankly beyond us. Should any of our knowledgeable readers have the answer – whether fact or amusing fiction – we would as always love to hear from you…

Without an explanation, the picture truly does boggle the mind. Yet, it’s confirmed that Willy Kauhsen did indeed complete the lap. The tyre choice for this feat is unknown to us. Regardless, we simply love the absurdity of the whole idea, the fact that it happened, and not least this excellent picture. And we love the snow too – even if we have thus far only seen a light sprinkling here in Denmark. So with this fabulous picture, it seems appropriate to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and not least, plenty of good times out in our garages and workshops through the cold winter months…


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