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The Morris Minor: A legend in its own right. A true peoples car. Charming. Rugged. Cute. Durable. A proper classic.

There is heaps to be said about the brilliant little Morris Minor – HEAPS! But in reality, all you need to know – especially at this time of the year – is that as a classic car, it’s apparently good enough for none other than the one and only Mrs. Claus.
You can read all about that here: Does Santa Drive a Classic

Surely, if a Morris Minor is good enough for her, it’ll do just fine for your wife too?
So if you still haven’t managed to find and buy a suitable Christmas present for your beloved wife, perhaps a Minor is the answer. After all, the Minor is perhaps the ultimate classic ladies runabout. While Mrs. Claus’s red Minor is naturally a saloon, as long as you live somewhere warmer than the North Pole, you could even opt to one-up Mrs. Claus by splashing out on a Tourer. Your wife will no doubt enjoy a bit if wind-in-hair motoring this coming spring…

The Moggie we have found here is honestly far from the cheapest on the market, but then you don’t want to gift your wife a below-par product. This 1966 Minor Tourer is an authentic factory drop-top and looks absolutely stunning in Trafalgar Blue with a charming light blue interior. The selling dealer claims the Minor is rustfree, and also mentions plenty of new parts – both mechanical and cosmetic. A new Everflex hood is especially comforting, but four new quality tyres, refurbished rear springs, new bushings, new carpets and reconditioned front seats all sound great as well. Here are a few pictures borrowed from the advert:

The Minor Tourer comes with 12 months MOT, and the dealer will even rustproof the car with either Waxoyle or Schutz Protector depending on the customers preference. Before you rush off to the dealer in West Yorkshire for your final and ultimate Christmas present, check out the full advert by clicking here:

1966 Morris Minor Tourer

I’m fairly sure you’ll score a few good brownie points with your wife for this one!



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