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Throughout the summer, the vast majority of the many classic car events which us enthusiast so enjoy, are held during the weekends.

But Hope Motor Show in the beautiful Peak District do things a little different. Held on the 12th of June the show officially kicks off at 6pm on a Monday evening. The long summer evenings make this possible, and with plenty of classic car owners arriving after work, it’s clear to see that this concept works perfectly well too.

More often than not when attending shows like this, we tend to stand back a bit to take in the beautiful cohesion and harmony of early 60’s flowing curves or late 70’s sharp wedges. But in the spirit of doing things a little differently, we’ll focus on some of the mesmerising details on show in the little village of Hope. Perhaps real beauty and perfection is actually to be found in the details?

Share with us which classic car has your favourite little detail. We’re not looking for your overall dream classic, but which detail always makes you stop in your tracks in sheer appreciation?

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