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The Magic of Barnfinds

To be honest, I have been skeptical towards the enthusiasm for barn finds which have reached new heights the last few years. But last week I stood in the middle of an old barn filled with dusty shadows that reassembled car shapes, and then something happened.

Even a skeptic can be taken by the atmosphere. And this is very much what barn finds are about, I realized: The mood. The smell. The sounds. Virginity. The light – or lack of it. The Spirit. And the cars? Ohh yes, they are also part of the equation.

But watch the video below (with English subtitles by clicking below right) and see if you get that sensation in your stomach: Just what are the mechanisms that come into effect when you open the door to a barn that hides a collector’s dearest possessions?

Something special happened, and I was surprised by how much it affected me. Now I am looking forward to seeing how the auction it self will play out what. For this finding was auction house Campen Auktioner’s promised surprise to their spring auction on Sunday March 29, and all lots all cross the block without reserve prices. The core of the auction in Randers is otherwise Poul Spangsberg collection of really much better cars- but now as an extra comes the barn find we see in the video.

The complete content of the barns is not yet made up, but ViaRETRO will follow-up with an report in detail, including hopefully the story behind – but not least also on the total range of cars at the auction, which is already very promising. For now you can see the Spangsberg Collection cars for sale at the Auction here (hosted at the Danish ViaRETRO-site).

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