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All over the world bar pundits discuss for and against in the classic challenge of the tastes: Ferrari or Aston Martin? Mostly on a very theoretical level, because these royals of the classic car world are out of reach for most. But how about a no reserve auction?

Ohh, the power of dreams! It even surpasses the power of both of these behemoths, doesn’t it? Not that they are lacking in the power game, because with a 1975 Ferrari 365 GT4+4 and a 1978 Aston Martin V8 we are talking the full monty of the seventies’ glamour set: Both serve up around five litres of purebred engines, dishing out more than 300 horsepower. Abundant leather, chrome and immensely elegant lines could describe both candidates – but only on paper do they seem very close.

In the flesh they are indeed two very different ways of flattering the gentlemen of those times: One unmistakenly Italian, the other the epitome of Englishness. Between them they are nearly four tonnes of automotive extravaganza, very diffrently executed but no less very comparable. And which, we might ask, is the fairest?

That discussion could go on forever at a pleasant bar desk. But this Wednesday there will be a final verdict: The two exact cars below will meet in the auction room of Københavns Auktioner in Copenhagen at six o’clock. And as only three cars will pass the block the show will be short – and maybe sweet.

Both cars are sold without a reserve, and in theory that means the chance to bag a bargain. Well, maybe not now ViaRETRO have let the word out – but again, dreams are sweet. If you are indeed the only one person in the room really wanting one of these admittedly also rather complex and difficult cars on that specific Wednesday in Copenhagen – it could really happen, couldn’t it?Both are cars on the up, valuewise.

The Ferrari is in the best possible spec, an early carburetted manual car on knockon wheels. But it is not entirely original, neither is it in perfect condition. Also the papers and keys are missing, according to the auction house.

In the Aston-corner we find a car somewhat dismantled, likewise without keys but with papers. And it’s left hand drive, not the least. Also the engine is said to be upgraded although it is a very good question what this does to the attractiveness of the car.

Dream on. Go. Bid. Or at least read – ViaRETRO will see what happens. We’re dreamers too, you know. 

Photos below are the two cars on auction. More photos on the website of Københavns Auktioner hére

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2


Date of first registration:  10-10-75
Kilometer reading: 83.600
Manual gearbox
No keys, no papers, not registrered

Estimate: 225.000-250.000 kr. (30.000-33.000 Euro)



Viewing on the address here: Stensmosevej 24B-C, 2620 Albertslund – from Monday November 10 from 10 am to 6 pm and Wednesday November 12 from 3 pm to 5 pm.  The auction is held at the same address at 6 p.m.

Both cars are sold as is, without reserve and without any guarantee. Viewing is strongly recommended. Contact the auction house for more information. 

Buyer’s premium is 20%

Aston Martin V8 Serie 3 LHD


Date of first registration: 14-02-1978
Kilometer reading: 88.600
Automatic gearbox

No keys, but papers, though not registered in Denmark. Somewhat dismantled.

Estimate: 200.000-225.000 kr. (27.000-30.000 Euro)



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