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A night spent in the Tullgarn Palace is really quite some experience! The Palace was built to its current state around 1720, and has since been the summer residence of the Swedish Royal family.

The evening before we were assigned to our room in the ‘Gentlemens Quarters’, which back in the day was used to house only the male visiting guests of the Royals. After a good nights sleep, we wandered over to the café, which was placed inside the old Queen Victoria’s Royal Stables. Thereafter our host Margit gave us the grand tour of this beautiful Palace.

Night accommodation with style!

Breakfast in the Royal Stables.

As usual we checked the engine oil and the coolant on the sweet ’66 as well as giving the windscreen a good clean. All looked well, though starting the M10 engine rudely reminded us of the hole in the back-box, which luckily hadn’t become excessively loud. Yet! Before departure we made time for a little photo session at the Summer Palace, and then it was back onto the wonderful Swedish backroads.

Posing in front of the Gentlemen’s Quarters.

And more posing in front of the Tullgarn Palace.

Today’s goal was simply to make it to the Motala Motor Museum, which is placed on the harbour in Motala looking over the lake of Vaattern. It wasn’t a particularly long trip compared to the mega-miles we managed to put behind us in the first two days of travel, but then that allowed us to rearrange our plans when Bosse and Klas yesterday evening mentioned that they had come across a guy named Mats who apparently had some nice NOS BMW spares. After a few frantic phone calls Mats was willing to meet us. He conveniently lived en-route southbound. Address obtained and map in hand, we arranged with him that we should drop by to take a look at what he had. The weather was nothing short of fabulous, the windows were both wound right down and the roads snaked their way through the beautiful Swedish countryside, which down here felt less rugged than further north and the country side opened up before us.


We found our way to Mats who was already outside his traditional Swedish red wooden house tinkering with his massive Cadillac Fleetwood. It’s quite amazing just how many classic Yank cars they have here in Sweden, and it’s so nice to see they actually get used. We’ve certainly come across a whole lot of them already during our journey. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know, but they say that Sweden actually has more restored 1950’s  US cars than even in the USA! But regardless of just how impressive the Cadi was, Paul and I where now a lot more excited about seeing if there were any rare or must-have parts amongst Mats NOS stash. It proved to be not just BMW parts but also everything else from Austin Maxi to early-70’s Toyota Carina. We dived into the BMW parts, and while a lot of it was for late-70’s cars and thereby a bit too new for the two of us, we did indeed manage to dig out some pure gold! The most breath-taking find was beyond doubt a complete set of four NOS original steel wheels in the ultra rare size of 5,5×14” as fitted to the Neue Klasse models with the “Ti” engine. They were all four stamped 10.66 and they had never been fitted to a car before let alone had tyres on. Yummy… We also put aside a bundle of NOS stainless steel trim, two early-type window winders, a fuel sender, a variety of engine mounts and a few other goodies. And then there was of course the bonus of walking up to a large pile of NOS exhausts and spotting a back-box for my ’66, which was really rather lucky considering our circumstances. It was however slightly damaged and bent where it’s meant to attach to the center section, but at SEK 100,- (approx. Euro 10,-) I was hardly complaining. It does of course mean that we’re not likely to be exchanging the back-box ourselves, but with a bit of luck we should find a garage tomorrow that can help us out.


Ouch! Just added a fair few kilo’s to the poor little ’66!

We were pretty ecstatic about our NOS findings as we cruised on towards Motala. But also slightly concerned whether we were asking too much of the poor little 47 year old 02 with all that extra weight added in the boot? Hmmm… fingers crossed for German build quality. At least we arrived at Hotell Nostalgi shortly after. Today we only covered around 230km, which brings us up to a combined 1270km over the last three days. We checked in and admired all the nostalgia in the hallway coming up to our room which was labeled “Austin”. Next to us was the “Saab” room and across the hall was the “Fiat” room. Inside the room there was a typical Swedish atmosphere enhanced by a variety of cool retro details, and the view over the lake of Vaattern was simply astonishing.

Parked up at Hotell Nostalgi.

The Austin room.

A great view that bodes well for the start of tomorrow…


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