The Mintex/ViaRETRO Competition:

YOUR chance to win and treat your cherished classic car to some new Mintex brake pads or linings – simply write us explaining why you should win!

The most fascinating, ingenious and/or humorous explenation will be the winner. It’s that simple.

So get typing: All submissions for the competition must be with ViaRETRO by the 19th Febuary 2018 and sent to or submitted via Facebook.

Submissions must include at least one good high-resolution picture of your classic car, your full name, your address so we know where to send your Mintex prize, your email address, and not least the year and exact model of your classic car, so Mintex can ensure that you receive the correct pads or lining.

Besides winning a set of Mintex pads or linings for your classic car, the winning story will also be published on ViaRETRO along with the submitted picture of your classic car. The winner will be revealed on the Mintex stand at Race Retro in Stoneleigh Park on Sunday 25th of February. How’s that for stardom…?

Learn more…

…about Mintex, their illustrious race & road history and not least their latest products under the “Mintex Classic” banner in this story: Have a Brake: Mintex are Back-in-Box

Please note that should Mintex not have suitable brake pads for your particular classic car, either a Mintex Giftcard or a cash prize equivalent to the value of a set of brake pads will be provided by Mintex. The jury will consist of the ViaRETRO team Søren Navntoft, Claus Ebberfeld and Anders Bilidt.

Why, really?

Because at the very heart of what ViaRETRO stands for, is DRIVING!

Yes, all of our classic cars are old, they are often rare, many are increasing in value, and some can be rather difficult to source spares for. But they are still cars, and cars are meant to be driven.

We enthusiasts probably tend to relate driving to going, but in actual fact, stopping is at least as – if not more – important. Having well-functioning quality brakes on your classic car is an absolute necessity if you are to enjoy your classic car out on the roads.

This is why we’re so proud to present to you the Mintex / ViaRETRO Competition.

Best of luck!