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Visual Sunday: Bring Back the Eighties!

Fashionable or utterly tasteless…? It was certainly a statement…

5 Responses

  1. YrHmblHst

    the girl is fashionable. the datsun – tasteless. A good original design ruined.
    But the 80s were great! Look at fashionable and lovely cars like the GTV6, 911SC / 3.2 Carrera, certain F-bodies, Opel Mantas, GMT400 trucks, TestaRossas and even the E30s. Plus, the last gasp of good [pop] music.

  2. Anders Bilidt

    I would happily invite the eighties back if we could!
    That blonde in jumpsuit and oversized sunglasses can come too… ;-)
    Oh, and so can the 280ZX. @yrhmblhst, of course the 240Z was purer in every perceivable way, but than the 80’s weren’t really about purity anyway, was it? So in many ways, the 280ZX perfectly embodies the decade. Two-tone paint and T-top – you gotta love it…

  3. Tony Wawryk

    Hmmm…the ’80’s were when my tastes and those of the wider world started to separate…this Z is indeed tasteless, and mainstream pop music and I – never particularly close friends to start with – parted company and rarely met again…I’ll make an exception in the blonde’s case, though…

  4. Anders Bilidt

    Hmmmm… I seem to be very much on my own here, but I would be proud to include this two-tone 280ZX into my garage, and I’m sure I would enjoy every drive too – with Duran Duran blasting from the tape deck… ;-)


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