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Visual Sunday: FIAT’s Stylish Shooting Brake

Reliant and Volvo clearly had this very niche market cornered. But did Pininfarina’s elegant 1974 FIAT 130 Maremma have potential to steal sales from them? Sadly only three were ever built, and Gianni Agnelli naturally kept one for himself…

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  1. Tony Wawryk

    I really like the standard 130 Coupé, but am not quite sure about this – the tailgate is so acute that I’m not sure the styling works – I think it would have looked better with a longer roofline and squarer – but not square – tailgate, making it more practical, too (though I’m not sure how much of a consideration that was); perhaps the first of the so-called “lifestyle estates”?

  2. Anders Bilidt

    @tony-wawryk, if the FIAT 130 Maremma is the first “lifestyle estate”, what does that make the Reliant Scimitar which was launched six years prior or the Volvo 1800ES which was launched two years prior?
    Well, regardless of which came first, I think the Maremma looks fabulous! So stylish. Whether it would have actually sold in reasonable numbers is of course a different matter all together…

  3. Tony Wawryk

    @anders-bilidt you are of course completely right in terms of the chronology, my mistake – I see the Fiat as less practical than either the Scimitar or Volvo, but there’s no denying they are all three-door estates. I shouldn’t write posts when my head is full of cold!


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