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Visual Sunday: Style and Elegance without Power

Elegance, style and class don’t necessarily have to go hand-in-hand with power. The Panhard 24CT encompasses all that is French chic, but manages to do so with only a 2-cylinder 850cc air-cooled boxer-engine.

4 Responses

  1. Tony Wawryk

    Interesting idea – and not the same as “all show and no go”; for this I would look at cars with sporting pretensions but didn’t have the power to back those up eg the 1.1 litre version of Opel’s GT. My suggestion for this theme would also come from Germany – the smaller brother to Mercedes’ mighty 300SL. the very elegant and stylish 190SL, one of the ultimate Riviera cruisers.

  2. Dave Leadbetter

    The Panhard almost seems like a concept car or a prop from a futuristic sci-fi film of the 1950s. It’s got all the appearance of an exotic space age car powered by nuclear fission, but in reality it’s just a creation of the art department with a lawnmower engine so it can putter around the film set. The futuristic noises can be dubbed on afterwards.

  3. Kim Torp Ørnbjærg

    But still with up to 50hp, and car being lightweight and relatively aerodynamic..50hp was pretty decent, that was what the Opel Rekord had from 1488cc..Take the Beetle..a lot of cars had less..with engines twice the size

  4. Anders Bilidt

    Tony, I must confess that I personally wouldn’t place the 190SL in this niche. To me, the 190SL tries much too hard to live off its muscular big brothers image. Yet, it clearly doesn’t live up to it. On the flipside, the Panhard 24CT is utterly unpretentious and makes no attempt of being a sports car. But it just looks amazingly stylish and elegant. I’ve always held the 24CT in very high regard! If only I had the space and the cash…


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