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A proper roadtrip is pure nutrition for the heart and soul.

Sometime pictures truly do speak a thousand words. All I really need to tell you, is that my good friend Moray Wedderburn recently dropped by to pick up his late-90’s Mini Cooper S which he had left with me. While his Cooper was with me, it was the basis of my considerations on what makes a classic Mini, which you can read here: Are All Mini Coopers Fully-Fledged Classics? Moray headed northbound for the Scottish border and beyond, for some true and undiluted driving experiences. The 500-plus miles of the epic North Coast 500 route beckoned.
Enjoy the stunning pictures…

All photographs courtesy of Moray Wedderburn.

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  1. Anders Bilidt

    Leo, whether in a Cooper or XJ40, I’m sure the North Coast 500 experience is an awesome one.
    It makes me think though – I wonder which classic would be my ideal choice for such a roadtrip? Something a bit brutish I think, like a TR6 or a Big Healey perhaps.
    Regardless, it’s a drive I simply have to make some time soon…


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