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Some may have found my articles here on this site a bit over the top. I am bragging about the splendor of Alfa Romeo in general and my car in particular. But that is not the intention; what I really-really want is to inspire all classic car owners to use their cars more. And sports cars are supposed to be exercised thoroughly on the Nürburgring once in a while.

I really mean it when I say that “the Ultimostile Experience is all about embracing the true complexity of owning a classic sports car – and using it”. So now I will try to attract owners of classic cars – not just sports cars – but any cars, to come and meet at the Nürburgring. I am going anyway, and actually I will be continuing to a trackday at Spa Francorchamps on the monday immediately after the Nordschleife weekend. It’s going to be one helluva trip.

I have long been contemplating how to best gather classics at the Nürburgring; what keeps people from going? I do meet some classics when I am there, and they always seem to enjoy the whole ambience of the venue; and everybody else loves to see the old cars. And come August and the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix, the place is swarming with classic cars. The owners go all the way to the Eifel mountains, but not many circle the North Loop – why? Because it is simply too scary; there’s too many hot-heads in modern – and seemingly way too powerful – cars. It is impossible to get a clean lap in; and difficult to enjoy it. Especially as a first-timer. I understand that!

That’s why I say: Come to the ViaRETRO Nürburgring Experience.  We have a size SMALL event, where you just come and park you classic car in the paddock/parking area, and enjoy a day with the rest of us. You can get rides in my car or maybe with somebody else (if you pay the ticket) – or we can take your car, and I will gladly sit in as an instructor and guide you for a lap.

Or we could expand the event to size LARGE, and I could try to find somewhere in a Gasthaus where we could spend the saturday evening. I have prepared a presentation of the Nürburgring History and a special instruction video “How to drive the Nordschleife in your classic car”. If there is enough interest, I will go ahead with the size LARGE event.

Sunday we will also be at the Ring, but in the afternoon some of us will be heading to Belgium, the Ardennes, and the (also) fabulous Spa Francorchamps. If you would like to go, it’s possible to get access without charge – but only as a spectator.

Show your interest or curiosity in the comments below, and I will update a consolidated list with names of those who actually want to meet – from all the places I have posted the event. You can also use the for below to ask questions or simply sign-up for the event.

14th June 2014 all day at the Nürburgring.

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  1. Per Einarsson

    List of participating cars (updated 2. june 2014):

    Jyrki Henriksson (Alfa Romeo Giulia)
    Juha Könönen (Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm replica)
    Keld Jørgensen (Lancia Flaminia PF Coupe)
    Lars Nielsen (Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 TI)
    Per Einarsson (Alfa Romeo Giulietta SV)


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