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It created quite a stir on the Danish site when I aired my fascination with a photo of a young Scot fighting a violent death in the post “The aesthetic of Chaos“. Now I stand corrected and try to compensate with a politically correct self-censored post: Use rubber for your own safety.

People have gotten very sensitive lately, I think – but being a responsible page ViaRETRO can not afford to offend anyone: We want to be for all. And since I also heard that some readers were missing more stories on Italian cars AND that ViaRETRO showed a bit more attitude I have decided to combine it all in this post.

So there you go: It just might reduce sensibility but bear in mind that this is for the better for all of mankind – ViaRETRO now to be enjoyed with protection by (Italian designed) rubber.

Naturgummi er saften fra gummitræet, der kan høstes og forarbejdes til et stærkt og elastisk materiale.

Natural rubber is the fluid from the rubber tree which can be processed to a strong and elastic material.

Syntetisk gummi fremstilles af olie og har mange af de samme kvaliteter som naturgummiet.

Syntetic rubber is synthesised from petroleum byproducts and features many of the qualities of natural rubber.

Fiats Experimental Safety Vehicles fra 1971 med mere er alle væsentligt mere sikre end en BRM P261.

All the Fiat Experimental Safety Vehicles from 1971 are significantly safer than a BRM P261.

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  1. Ulrik Andresen

    Så blev det 1 April, “significantly safer than a BRM P261” fed sammenligning, så er niveauet for succes vel opnåeligt.
    Så er stressfaktoren på sit højeste – det er sidste dag i påskeferien – det er nu eller aldrig – start så den klassiker !


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